17. May - 06. July 2008

The EXIT 08 exhibition in GL STRAND presents works by this year’s graduation students from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art and draws a vivid picture of the contemporary Danish art scene. The exhibition offers colourful paintings, experimental video art and a
range of mixed genres in between sculpture and installation. In keeping with tradition the 24 EXIT students occupy all of GL STRAND with creative and innovative interventions. The exhibition is formed as a series of rooms, each with their own dynamic layout and dialogue between the exhibited works.

Three themes run like red lines through EXIT 08. Memory, art as social conscience and the longing to break down the traditional boundaries of art. Memory is one of the major themes that marks this year’s EXIT 08 exhibition but also the contemporary art scene in general. A broad range of the exhibiting artists specifically work with memory in form of re-enactments of motives from the past as a point of reflection
over the present. Another general theme that marks the exhibited works is art as social conscience – an art direction which has been a prevailing genre since the 90’s. Here in Denmark and abroad artists have made social interventions through their works and thereby making the viewer (or participant) aware of the social situation or social context of
the work. Finally many of the exhibited works at EXIT 08 reflect the desire to break down the boundaries of the art institution.

Since the modern avant-garde movements in the 1920’s the demand for going beyond has been a latent tendency in contemporary art.
Young artists are still expected to revolt against their predecessors and give the contemporary art a striking and present expression in terms of genre, form and content.