The Montana Room #8

24. November - 24. August 2013

In her installation, Camilla Berner has taken her starting point in the power game that often takes place in a meeting room among participants in a meeting with different fields of expertise and opinions. The intention is to chal­lenge the balance of power by making the normally insignificant meeting-room décor, the office plants, question the distribution of power.

Camilla Berner: "I have found my inspiration in the story Little Shop of Horrors, which is played out in a flower shop, and where all common sense is set aside in the wish to win riches and that one great love. The young shop assis­tant Seymour struggles to keep a plant alive and thus to keep the opti­ons for the fulfilment of his own dreams open. The plant, which Seymour names Audrey, is carnivorous and sustains itself on human blood. Gradu­ally the plant takes over power and becomes a monster – a result of the fact that Seymour has gone too far in the attempt to achieve his own ends".

Camilla Berner (b. 1972) graduated from the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. In her visual-art practice Berner is interested in nature as a cultural product formed by our ideals and notions of what nature is and should be. In her works, the main materials of which are plants, especially weed-sown areas, she relates to the urbanization of civilization, and thus to the alienation of humanity from nature.