Mads Gamdrup

Ground floor
06. December - 24. January 2014

The Montana Room is a conference room which provides a meeting space at Kunstforeningen GL STRAND. At the same time, the Montana Room functions as an exhibition space for regularly changing artistic conference room installations.

At present, the Montana Room is decorated by Mads Gamdrup. His design emphasizes the good as well as the challenging meeting. In his series of photographs, Gamdrup uses various eye-catching elements to force his viewer into an alluringly meditative and sensuous universe.

In relation to motif and in relation to expression, these photographs contemplate the materiality that is characteristic of photography as a medium. Inspired by Newton and Goethe’s chromatic theories, Gamdrup’s images investigate various combinations of colour and the relationship between colour and light. By employing trails of colour from previous motifs, Gamdrup utilizes the painterly effect of so-called ‘noise:’ he lets his colours appear as excess visual material or noise.

Mads Gamdrup’s photographs compel their viewers to slowing down and to letting themselves be absorbed by the art before them. The viewers’ eyes will try to fix the wonderful colours and blurred colour dots of the motifs. Trying to do this, the colours start to flicker and the motifs begin to change in zoom-like movements in and out of their own colour depths. The sensation of the colours depends on many factors such as light, the proximity of other colour spectres, the atmosphere in the room and the spectator’s own state of mind. Therefore, even the decoration of or human presence in the exhibition room can completely change the work’s expression. Ultimately, the colours of the abstract motifs become atmospheric elements which make us conscious of the way sight influences our bodies and our understanding of the world.