14. June - 07. September 2014

At one and the same time, PAINT NEW YORK is a tribute to painting and to the city that so many people consider one of the absolute centres of the international art scene. Painting has continuously been part of pace-setting exhibitions and artistic-aesthetic movements in the American context. It is precisely this strand of art history that the exhibition examines. It gathers a number of the most influential and contemporary artists – some with long, important international careers behind them, others on their way forward; but common to them all is the fact that they attribute great importance for their art to New York, and that each formulates an individual, important position in painting today.

The exhibition is deliberately heterogeneous and multiply meaningful in its visual concentration of a fantastic, captivating, constantly developing painting scene. For this reason the exhibition gathers a number of artists with varied backgrounds, interests and idioms in an attempt to demonstrate the wide spectrum that is characteristic of the painting scene in New York. The intention behind this is to present Danish and Scandinavian audiences with a generous and precise insight into an art scene famous for its devotion to painting - an art scene where the medium continues to be at the very core of contemporary art practices. 

Ellen Altfest, Kathrine Bernhardt, Joe Bradley, Sarah Braman, Cecily Brown, Todd James, Kaws, Erik Parker, Steven Parrino, Raymond Pettibon og Elizabeth Peyton.