Niels Pugholm

3. sal
11. December - 24. January 2016

In 2013 Niels Pugholm was awarded the EXTRACT Prize for the year by an international jury. He won the prize for his convincing audiovisual work Cimbrians, which was Pugholm’s contribution to the group exhibition EXTRACT III. With the prize comes a travel grant of DKK 50,000 and a solo exhibition at Kunstforeningen GL STRAND. In December it will there­fore give Kunstforeningen GL STRAND great pleasure to present the solo exhibition Whatever Is Lost by Niels Pugholm. 

Niels Pugholm is interested in the narratives we associate with specific objects, but also in the nuances to be found between the individual and the collective perception of narratives. In his works he often interweaves personal stories with general history, for example in a long series of drawings that Pugholm calls “Wunderkammer drawings” (rarity cabinet drawings). The drawings show various objects that mean something special to Pugholm. In the drawings, besides the object in question, he has added written narratives created on the basis of the personal meaning of the object for Pugholm, but also with references to history. In these narratives fact and fiction are inseparable phenomena – and Niels Pugholm sees this as fundamental to most of his works.