Nina Beier

3rd floor
15. September - 20. January 2019



15th SEPTEMBER 2018 - 20th JANUARY 2019

When Nina Beier’s large-scale installation FOOD CHAIN CAFÉ opens at Kunstforeningen GL STRAND this fall, the viewer will be presented with marble lions, French baguettes and imitation jewellery and watches, among other things. In her installations the internationally acclaimed Danish artist explores how concepts like value, meaning and function are always negotiable.

‘I am interested in scenes that encompass the abundance of power structures which make up our current reality. But as with stacked hierarchies: When we pull one element from the pile, they all come tumbling down, and it is from this unstructured pile of conflicts and oppositions that my sculptures emerge’, says Nina Beier.

The exhibition FOOD CHAIN CAFÉ consists of a brand new series of works by the Danish artist Nina Beier. Beier has exhibited at the world’s leading museums, and this fall we can look forward to experiencing her contrasting and thought-provoking works here in Copenhagen.

3rd Floor Lion Cage
Nina Beier focusses on travelling, rootless objects – items that most of us are familiar with – which, in different ways, carry both complex and changeable stories. The pivot of the exhibition is a group of five heavy marble lions loaded with French baguettes. The lion sculpture can be dated all the way back to the beginning of our civilisation and has travelled from Greece to India, China and Italy and changed on the way, both in form and meaning. In one place lions represent protection, in another power and prestige, and in a third they show that the house loan has been paid off. At the same time, the lions are a product of present-day globalisation, as the greater majority are produced in China.

Marble lions, baguettes and imitation jewellery and watches all hold a story, a meaning, a function and, not least, a value. Concepts that are always negotiable, adjusting and changing between persons, times, cultures and socioeconomic circumstances. Beier’s at first glance simple manipulations exhibit the contrasting structures of the things we surround ourselves with. In their new role as works of art a new dimension is added to the items in the form of the aesthetic and monetary value represented by the art industry.

‘By combining items in new, unexpected – and at times grotesque – constellations Nina Beier, together with the viewer, explores how value is constructed and communicated. As viewers, we are forced to ask ourselves: What is natural/artificial? What is strong/weak? What is the top/bottom of the food chain?’ says Anne Kielgast, curator of the exhibition.

The exhibition at Kunstforeningen GL STRAND is accompanied by a smaller, illustrated catalogue containing, among other things, a longer interview with the artist by the exhibition curator Anne Kielgast. In addition, Nina Beier will contribute to the communication of the exhibition through a video interview shown in the exhibition and online.

The exhibition runs from 15 September 2018 to 20 January 2019. The opening will be held on 14 September at 17:00-18:30 in Kunstforeningen GL STRAND. At the same time, the museum opens the exhibition Women of Surrealism. Franciska Clausen, Rita Kernn-Larsen and Elsa Thoresen.