Pilvi Takala

23. October - 03. January 2021

The Finnish artist Pilvi Takala creates video art which offers both critical and humorous insights into the underly­ing social mechanisms that control our behaviour in public space. Pilvi Takala has been chosen to represent Finland at the Venice Biennale in 2021. From October she will be showing three of her works in the Art Cinema at GL STRAND.

The three works – The Stroker (2018), The Real Snow White (2009) and The Trainee (2008) – show Takala performing undercover at various places. The Disneyland amusement park outside Paris is one. There Takala appears in a Snow White costume, but is denied access to the park, because she could be mistaken for the ‘real’ Snow White. At two different office workplaces she infiltrates the working environment with actions that arouse curiosity and unease among the employees. By filming the reactions objectively and showing the repetitions in them she reveals the limitations of a social, legal, technological and architectu­ral nature that we impose on one another.

Pilvi Takala (b. 1981) lives and works in Helsinki. She graduated from the Academy of Art in Helsinki, has exhibited widely internationally, and is represented in a number of important Finnish and international museum collections.

The Real Snow White (2009)PilviTakala


The Real Snow White (2009)PilviTakala