Henrik Vibskov

25. May - 08. September 2013

Since his graduation from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London (2001), the designer Henrik Vibskov has worked in a unique cross-aesthetic universe where he combines his point of departure in fashion with music, film, stage design, theatre and visual art. This exhibition offers insight into his work, where different explo­rations and interests constantly overlap and influence one another. For example the exhibition involves both elements from stage-designed performance works and objects from his latest fashion show.

In the exhibition Henrik Vibskov has above all worked with the many expressive genres and categories of visual art: sculpture, photography, installation, film, drawing etc. Through the use of the many artistic media he has built up a unified installation where each space at GL STRAND correspondingly has its own theme and mode of ex­pression.

With the title NECK PLUS ULTRA he sets the tone of his method and style. In a play on words, he combines the Latin expression nec plus ultra – ‘thus far and no further’ – with the word ‘neck’, an anatomical reference to the neck, throat and head-like objects that fill parts of the exhibition. At the same time the title expresses how Vibskov works with a boundary-breaking method where one art is often ‘adopted’ into another, since the word ‘neck’ is also part of his latest fashion collection: The Stiff Neck Chamber.

A recurrent feature of the works in the exhibition is Vibskov’s experimental starting point, where among other things the tactile qualities of the materials and the many pos­sible associations of words provoke a number of investigations which in turn lead to a wealth of expressions and designs. Central to the exhibition is Vibskov’s interest in the creative, experimental process, and NECK PLUS ULTRA is thus a personal journey into the interests and explorations that preoccupy him right now.

The exhibition is the third in the series of ART MOVES exhibitions, which investigate the interfaces between various artistic media and forms of expression.

NECK PLUS ULTRA was shown at Galerie des Galeries in Paris from 27.2 until 4.5.2013.