Anette Harboe Flensburg

08. May - 18. April 2022

The Montana Hall is an extraordinary meeting room where visual artists in changing installations investi­gate the significance of the framework for the meeting situation. This time Anette Harboe Flensburg has created new paintings that relate to the architecture of the space and function as openings to another, enchanted world.

Investigations of spaces are generally characteristic of Anette Harboe Flensburg’s work with painting. This also applies to her new works, which open up to an outer landscape that the artist sees as an Arcadian landscape – a motif, which in the course of time has interested many artists as an image of harmony and the idyllic. With the title, In Arcadia Too You Can Die, Harboe Flensburg reflects over the present situation, where our everyday life and worldview have been quite fundamentally changed and have forced us to reconsider our ideals.

Anette Harboe Flensburg (b. 1961) graduated from the Design School in Kolding in 1985. She has held many exhibitions both in Denmark and abroad. She is the recipient of the Carnegie Art Award in 2003, the Eckers­berg Medal in 2017 and the Art Prize of the Ny Carlsberg Foundation in 2019.